Tuesday, March 13


I love how the colour of this embellished scarf goes almost seamlessly with the ruffle blouse. I had to include a pic of me standing sideways to be sure you could even tell they're two pieces! The colour also picks up the blue in the dress's floral pattern, matching goodness!

How do you guys feel about matching? I know my sister is against matching in her outfits, and I do sometimes think an outfit looks too matchy-matchy. However, matching up colors and even patterns can create unity and flow in an outfit, especially if the items have differences in them as well as similarities. For example, matching two polka dots in different colors is a great, fun look! Matching two purple items with very different silhouettes or styles could turn into a fantastic fashionable ensemble.

I find that I frequently follow the matching your shoes to your belt rule, which I don't think is always necessary. I also tend to match the metals of any jewelry I may be wearing, which is something I'm trying to break away from! The more I mix my metals the more I adore it. Bronze and silver, rose gold and yellow gold -- they all look amazing when mixed together.

Matching is definitely something to muse about! If you muse about that kind of thing. ;)

HUE socks, H&M floral dress, Winners vest, gifted scarf, Mark's belt

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