Thursday, March 8

Life As We Know It

 How is it Thursday all of a sudden? I was convinced all morning it was Tuesday until my boss corrected me. This was a shocking discovery. I'm going to blame Mass Effect 3 (which has been greatly satisfying and beautiful while also, at times, frustrating. I definitely cried last night, but I tend to do that). That game has a way of eating time.

In other news (Is there news other then ME3? Not much for this lady..) Trying to balance cooking, cleaning, laundry, laziness, work and seeing parents. No one told me this would be so complicated. Most of the time I end up doing only one of these. You guys can guess which one. (Hint, it's not the laundry let me tell you. I'm gonna have to wear my tie-dye socks pretty soon...)

Dorothy Perkins skirt, Urban Planet sweater, Shoe Warehouse boots,

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