Friday, March 2

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It's been a delightful week I must say, friends, family, and a whole lotta fun. Not to mention that next week (nerd alert) Mass Effect 3 come out -- a game I have been waiting for for about three years. No big. (Actually it's a big deal. Just saying, I may not be here next Tuesday. Unless I stop by to say OMG GO OUT AND BUY MASS EFFECT RIGHT NOW, which is probably as much as you'll get out of me.)

Without further ado, here's what awesome stuff has been going on on ye ol' Internets this past week.

1.   Maddie on Things has become a huge sensation. No really! I've been seeing her all over the place for weeks. What makes her so special now? Well I realized I can order prints of Maddie on Things to put all over my walls. Done deal.

2.Continuing on that theme What Dr. Octopus Wore is a feature on the amazing blog The Dainty Squid. The good Dr. doesn't apparently mind being dressed in ridiculous cat sized outfits and thus we are privileged enough to see a terse cat wearing a superman costume. Click on the link. Do it now.

 3. Elizabeth from Delightfully tacky is always creating beautiful DIYs and she really stepped up with this adorable Triangle Tote DIY.  She used simple old masking tape cut into triangles to create a very modern, fun pattern and I'm loving that shade of green!

4. As part of her motherhood mondays series at A Cup of Joe, Joanna shared this adorable customized book she made for her toddler. She used photos to match names with faces so Toby will be able to recognize the family members  he doesn't see as often! Very cute, and a great execution of a great idea.

Have a great weekend everyone. :)

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