Friday, March 9

Everything in a Week

I don't have a lot of time to post today so I'll simply leave you with a few words on what's going on in my life!
A little peak at the new vintage dress I got in the mail this week from Missfarfalla
 > Donated this week to a charity I chose in place of Invisible Children. Remember that just because one charity might have the ability to market to you, doesn't mean they're the most deserving of your money. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

> Hoping to really try out some camera settings this weekend, maybe I'll even get my hands on the much needed tripod.

> Thinking about what would make me absolutely happiest this coming week, I really wanna focus on that. It's so easy to stay in and play video games until it's time to collapse into bed exhausted from using my thumbs, but this week I think a home cooked brunch and a nippy spring stroll with my sweety would make me absolutely the happiest I could be.

> However, happiness might have to wait till next weekend as Mass Effect will certainly eat up at least the next four days of my life! Off to save the 'verse... 

> Also, laundry here I come! Never thought I would say that...

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