Thursday, March 29

DIY: Two Toned Spring Manicure

 I am super excited to share a DIY manicure tip I learned recently! Many times I've heard of people doing two toned manicures using scotch tape or masking tape to divide the colours. I tried this once and it was a colossal disaster -- even though I let it dry the tape took off my base colour when I removed it. Blek.

The other day I was reading a nail tutorial on the Dainty Squid and she casually mentioned that placing the tape on your skin for a moment before applying it to the nail would transfer some oils to the tape and make it a little less sticky! I don't know how I missed this before -- I mentioned it to another blogger who replied that she usually had no trouble because in handling the tape she transferred oils to it. I'm feeling pretty dumb for not knowing this.

I of course had to try this out immediately so over the weekend I did my nails, choosing a flirty teal and peach combo for spring!


Happy painting!

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