Wednesday, March 28

DIY: Dreams and Memories Keeper

AKA my Dream Jar. I guess I must have gotten all sentimental about life and maybe a little bored and I remembered seeing a few different ideas like "Self Love Jar" and "Time Capsule in a Jar" so a few months ago (Actually just after Christmas, that's how on top of things I am) I put together this Dream Jar using some things I had collected over the years and brought with me when we moved.

The idea is that when Nick or I have a particularly good day, or something wonderful happens, when we're thinking about how thankful we are or about the future, or when we're feeling particularly romantic we can write down our thoughts on a little piece of paper and fold it up and put it in the jar. A year from now, maybe on New Years Eve, or Thanksgiving, we can read all the little messages in our jar!
 So I started off with: 1. A jar 2. Some pretty ribbon 3. A glue gun. Of course.
4. Some left over felt scraps, 5. Some old silver wrapping paper I saved from a long ago birthday, and 6. Some vintage lace leftover from one of my mums projects. I feel like there might have been some of this lace on her wedding dress. I just remember I've been holding onto it for years because it's special, but I only had a tiny scrap.
I put all of these things together and came up with this: It's rather girly and pretty, which Nick probably doesn't appreciate as much as I do, but I think it'll work perfectly. I have it in our den on display with one of the cameras my dad gave me and some tiny wooden owls from my friends travels.

It took some doing to get Nick to acknowledge it's presence, haha, but now that he knows it's there it's slowly filling up with tiny blue and purple scraps of paper. I can't wait to read them!

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