Thursday, March 1

Are You Blue?

This outfit, and these pictures, are looking a little blue. Maybe this is due to winter finally catching up to us here in Alberta, Canada. All winter long it's been spring-like and now that it's spring  we finally have the snow we've all been expecting. Temperatures have been low but spirits are actually pretty high with the knowledge that real flower blooming spring is just around the corner, making this the shortest real winter I can ever recall.

This week Mr. Nick and I had some friends over to revive our struggling game night tradition. We had a real blast! I made chicken pot pie (my first!) and bread pudding (definitely not my first. Sometimes I buy bread and 'accidentally' let it go stale specifically for this purpose.) Now I need to try and get through the rest of the week without seeing my love! He's working late tonight and tomorrow and won't be home until I'm already asleep. All the more reason to breathlessly await the coming of the weekend! I would definitely like to do a little thrift shopping, but the man will probably opt to bunker down at home. Of course, I'm not opposed to that either. <3
F21 dress, Costa Blanca cardigan, gifted scarf, vintage belt, HUE leggings, H&M knee high socks, Shoe Warehouse boots

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