Thursday, February 9

Wrapped Up

 In the spirit of bad hair days, I decided on Saturday to try the 'fashion turban' for myself. I used this tutorial from Modcloths YouTube page. And I thought it looked super cute! Not to mention that it tucked all my ratty needs-to-be-washed hair out of view, leaving just my straightened bangs!

I wanted to dress a little retro to go with the hair so I tied my button down around my waist and toughened the whole look up with a simple necklace and some booties! I must say, I felt good about it -- other then the fact I should have secured it better with bobby pins (the constant slipping feeling was a bit unpleasant) and poor Mr. Nick wasn't that impressed (I think the exact quote was "What do you have on your head?"). Still, having fun with fashion is always allowed!
H&M dress, button down, and shoes, HUE leggings, vintage scarf, gifted necklace and bracelet

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