Friday, February 10

A Valentine's Day Roundup

Guess what? Valentines day is almost upon us! I've always loved Valentines day, even before I had a man friend. I can thank some amazing girlfriends for that -- one of my besties would always buy me chocolates or something on V-day.

Now I know, I know, it's a holiday created by hallmark to sell cards but I can't help adoring it,  it's probably just because I'm an affectionate person and I love to say I LOVE YOU. There's nothing better then that right?

Anyway, in honor of Valentines day I thought I had better do something, and since I'm rather busy it turned out that that something was gonna be a simple link post to show you what other more creative, crafty folks are doing. So here's my roundup of free printables you can print off for your sweetheart. (Or your best friend, or mother, or neighbor, or cousin...)

1.  My Girl Thursday posted these cute Valentines -- she has some for best friends as well as mothers and daughters too!
2. These Valentines from Poppytalk are absolutely beautiful -- They're actually little paper photo frames so you can slip a picture into the heart. Very pretty.

3. Scathingly Brilliant posted these adorable cute and nerdy Valentines! They're business card sized so you could print them off at home with one of those business card kits and have them all pre-cut and ready to go.
4. I would love to make this sweet and simple Valentine from Dandee-- printed off it has a pattern for you to stitch yourself. They are very sweet and romantic. I think this one will be my Valentine of choice.
5. I am in love with this DIY -- print off the sheet of scrabble tiles and cut them out. Put them in an envelope and let your Valentine spell out your romantic (or sweet) message. These are from Oh Joy.
6. These last printable Valentines are also from Scathingly Brilliant and they're both vintage and just absolutely adorable. I say that a lot, but I mean it. That kitten one -- priceless.

7.  Lastly, if you like zombies, or more importantly, the AMC show The Walking Dead here are the valentines for you.

And there you have it, a bunch of beautiful and quirky options for your Valentines -- and you don't have to pay Hallmark a dang cent. ;p

If you're interested, here's a look at what I'm doing for Valentines day on Pinterest. Don't tell the boy.

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