Wednesday, February 29

Three Ways to Style a Two-In-One Dress

 Yesterday I told you about how much I love mixing blue and orange -- well here's some more proof for you. I only just realized now that every time I styled this orange H&M dress I wore it with blue.
 The first outfit is my favorite. Simple and accessorized. The blue patterned scarf keeps me from looking washed out and the necklace, belt and ring give the outfit some texture and interest. My favorite part? The ruffly socks peaking out of my boots!

The second outfit I opted to pair the dress with my navy stripe cardigan -- and just having the orange peaking out a bit at the bottom. My chunky orange necklace repeats that colour pattern giving the outfit balance.

The third outfit is a little more adventurous -- I paired the dress with some brightly coloured tights and a complimentary colored scarf for some drama and whimsy!

The difficulty in styling this dress comes from it's two-in-one nature. I could conceivably fold the top under and wear it as a skirt but I'm too afraid the neck will get stretched out, and because the sleeves are mid length I have difficulty layering different shirts over top. Thus I find I'm always striving to make it appear different from the last time I wore it. If you're struggling with styling an item so it appears different, try these three tricks!

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