Friday, February 10

Stripes and Dots

 I put this outfit together with the ABC challenge 'S is for Sheer' in mind (over on My Greatest Hits).
I love this sheer polka-dot blouse -- it's very versatile and romantic! I wore a red top underneath so it would show through and the outfit ended up fitting quite well into today's Valentines theme (more on that coming later).

In other news,  I've managed to keep myself busy this week while Nick's worked late. I hung out with my family, went to a composition of photography seminar with my dad, and today one of my dear friends is coming over for a Dollhouse/Dr.Who marathon. I was supposed to download a couple episodes of Dr.Who to watch, but only managed to get one before the whole Megaupload going to pot thing. Now I'm not sure where to get my Who! Sunday I get to see another friend I haven't seen in awhile! I'm super excited. I hope I can keep this up, I hate being all alone when Nick works till midnight!

HUE leggings, H&M blouse skirt and boots, Smart Set tank top, Joe Fresh belt and gifted earrings

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