Friday, February 17

Recent Acquisitions

Instead of the usual 'around the web' feature that I would share on a lovely Friday such as this, I'm going to share a few of the recent purchases I've made. I don't know if anyone else experiences this but I tend to be a really good saver, not spending hardly any money for months at a time, and then a simple indulgent  purchase will be like a break in the dam. After that, it becomes reaalllly easy for me to spend. In any case that break in the dam happened last weekend when Mr. Nick took me to Ikea!

This week I bought:
1. A little desk for my laptop and sewing machine. (My laptop stores perfectly in the little drawer and my sewing machine sits on top! The den is taking shape at last!)
2. This adorable handmade photo album from Freckled Nest for photobooth pictures. I have a thing for photobooths, Nick and I shared our first kiss in one, so I'm very much looking forward to having somewhere to put them all!
3. This amazing vintage dress from MissFarfalla (confession, I saw this dress on Etsy yesterday and decided I couldn't afford it but today went back and bought it anyway. It's too perfect! See how once I lubricate my wallet it snowballs like crazy? Even my metaphors can't behave.)
4. This Washi tape from Japanese to Please jumped out at me from the front page when I logged into Etsy to buy the dress... I couldn't say no! I've been wanting Washi tape for a looong time so I could do this. And it's so pretty and floral!
5. I also indulged myself in a little frivolous shopping when I was on the hunt for Valentines gifts. I may have bought myself a new leather skirt and an adorable T shirt with a heart on it. Both for under 20$ at H&M, so I didn't feel too badly about it. ;p

After work today I'm going to the opening of a new Sephora close to my office, and am reallly excited. I have a few little things I want like a concealer, and new lipstick but I promise not to go to crazy. After that I'll go back to saving instead of spending.

I promise.

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