Wednesday, February 15

Re-Style (4)

Wednesday re-style time! Last week I shared one of my favorite items to re-style -- a striped H&M dress. This week I'm showing you three ways I've worn my H&M sheer polka dot blouse. I purchased this blouse for something crazy like ten dollars (which is why I'm such an H&M groupie) because I thought it was a great entry piece into the sheer top trend I had seen turning up in the blogosphere. Well I was right! It's been a very versatile and easy to wear piece.

In the first picture (I look none to happy -- maybe 'cause my dad was taking the pic instead of Nick or myself and he's always going on about camera settings rather distractingly...) I wore the blouse tied over my ASOS lace dress. The idea was to define my waist in a dress without a lot of defining details, and add a little coverage for church Sunday.

The second outfit feels a little more fancy -- I wore the blouse over a light colored tank top so that it would show through, buttoned the blouse all the way up, and tucked it into my black skirt. I also wore a fancy statement necklace in mixed metallics to add a little interest and fun.

The third outfit is all about layering textures and patterns. I wore a lightly striped T and mustard skirt with my sheer blouse open and loose under a chunky knit sweater. The polka dots add a little whimsy and interest to this outfit -- which is one of my favorite uses for prints!

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