Wednesday, February 8

Re-style (3)

 It's Wednesday, which means it's time for another re-style! Last week I shared my denim top re-style and here it is again, but this time we're talking about re-styling this light weight sun dress from H&M. This is the re-style I am absolutely most proud of -- why? Because I've never remixed a dress as successfully as this one!

I think the reason I tend to 're-style' this dress is that I don't actually like to wear it alone. It's very light weight and doesn't have much of its own shape or detail. I bought it without trying it on (crazy I know) but I couldn't pass it up on sale with that adorable stripe print. It just reminded me of sail boats for some reason. Anyway, I discovered it didn't actually look great on its own so I had to come up with different ways to wear it.

In the first picture I've done something fairly easy just by throwing a denim shirt on top and tying it for added definition.

In the second photo I've actually folded the dress under to make it a skirt! I think this is the only dress I could pull that off with because it has a very loose waist and neck so I wasn't afraid to stretch the neck out. by tucking a different top in and belting it, I've completely disguised the fact that it's a dress!

In the third photo I've layered a floaty sleeved top underneath the dress, which tempers the allover pattern, softens the shape, and adds a cute detail to an otherwise simple outfit.

There are a few factors which allowed me to style this dress so differently -- the pattern, the loose neck, and the drawstring waist -- but the purpose of showing you is to encourage you to look for different ways of styling your wardrobe. Think outside the box!

How would you wear it?

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