Wednesday, February 1

Re-style (2)

 Well it's midweek and I have a new remix to share with you! I bring to you - my Smart Set denim shirt. This is a fantastic wardrobe staple that can be thrown over a dress or top in the summer, and layered up for winter wear. I am of the opinion that every person should own some kind of denim or chambray shirt!
The first outfit I'm not that big a fan of -- maybe it's the photo. I remember it was raining that day and we couldn't really go anywhere except two feet outside my front door to take pictures. Annd the background is entirely blown out. Haha. Anyway, I simply threw my denim shirt on over this high-low maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins. The dress tends to feel a little fancy, but the shirt really dresses it down, plus it was the perfect jacket for a rainy, but warm day.

The second outfit has a lot more layering going on, it was the beginning of fall and the weather was getting a little cooler so I wore the shirt over a black tank top and black Dorothy Perkins skirt, then put a Smart Set vest and belt on top to warm things up a bit. I also unrolled the sleeves -- you can easily change the appearance of a top like this by changing how you wear your sleeves.

The third outfit is one of my favorites, not only was I having a great hair day (looking at that pic makes me miss my long hair just a tad...) but I felt incredibly confident and cute in this outfit. The dress is H&M and it's made from a thin, light fabric. I always feel like the sleeveless top part of the dress is a bit shapeless and flimsy, so covering it up with this shirt -- but retaining the waistline by knotting it -- made it very wearable! I kept things really visually light by pairing it with white shoes and tights!

How would you wear it?

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