Tuesday, February 28

Pattern and Colour

 Navy and orange have always been one of my favorite color combinations -- it's a pity I don't own more items in those colors! An excuse to go shopping? Perhaps. Besides mixing colors, mixing patterns makes everything extra awesome and thereby makes this outfit awesome x a million. That's how fashion works right? I thought so.

Another awesome thing -- DLSR cameras. Honestly -- owing a DSLR is already making my life better and I've only had it for a week or so! Now I need to spend some quality time with it learning all of it's little buttons. Then I need to spend some quality time with it AND Nick so he can learn all of its little buttons in order to continue helping me with my outfit photos. Haha, he'll be thrilled. (He's not going to be thrilled is he.)

A third awesome thing -- Sephora recently opened up in the mall next to where I work and I treated myself to a celebratory new Sephora lipstick. I purchased Kat Von D's Foiled Love Lipstick in 'Adora' as per recommendation from Amy (A is for Ampersand). I'm wearing it in these photos and will be wearing it in every outfit post from now until the day that little tube is empty. So wonderful! It stays put for a record long time and Mr. Nick doesn't need to worry as much about big lipstick prints on his cheek! Plus it's got an almost coppery metallic undertone to it that looks great with my skin tone. Honestly, favorite lipstick ever. (Of course all of my previous red lipsticks cost about eight dollars. Lets agree to say this one cost a bit more then that.)

HUE jeggings, Shoe Warehouse boots, Winners cardigan, Smart Set plaid shirt and belt, gifted necklace,

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