Thursday, February 2

More Black

 I planned this outfit as a response to "My Greatest Hits" 'M is for Monochromatic' challenge. She's doing a pretty cool ABC's of Fashion type series and I wanted to participate! I always feel like I'm way behind though. Haha. I paired my black top with black leather skirt (both from H&M surprise surprise) and then threw some color on to break it up. I was having a super gross hair day so I french braided my bangs and pulled my hair up (Which is a lot harder now. Le sigh.).

Life's been pretty good lately if you're wondering, Nicks working a lot which brings in a bit of extra monies -- but I miss spending time with him! He seems to be getting a lot of evening and weekend shifts and I'm just not used to not having him around. It's forced me to get a little creative-- I've been baking and cooking and crafting up a storm. Maybe tonight while he's working late I'll even break out the sewing machine. Wish me luck!

Necklace was from a street vendor in San Francisco, shirt vest and skirt are all H&M, boots are from shoe warehouse and leggings are HUE

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