Thursday, February 16

Inspired by Print

I put this outfit together last week after seeing the outfit below on pinterest (no original source was listed for the picture so I apologize. If anyone knows, drop me a comment!). Don't you love when those moments of inspiration strike you and you think -- I can do that! Or at least something remotely resembling that! I need to invest in some super cool necklaces  though -- I was forced to layer to create something similar.

I realized today that I didn't tell you about my Valentines day. Nick picked me up a few hours early from work, and brought me pink and red roses! Then we headed home (with a stop at Booster Juice for a late lunch and the grocery store to get some steak for dinner) and while he showered and wrapped presents I started dinner. I made twice baked marshmallow stuffed sweet potatoes (amazing, seriously) barbeque flavored steak, and green beans. Somehow I managed to pull everything off in a timely manner (I'm getting a lot better at multitasking in the kitchen and getting everything done at the same time!) and we had sparkling apple cider and wine with our meal.  My good friend had made us a cake over the weekend and instead of making a different dessert we ate some more of that! What an excellent, amazingly moist cake. Props to my girl Carolyn. After dinner we opened presents (I was spoiled let me tell ya) and watched X-files. A perfect night. :) 
H&M boots, socks, and necklace, Marks shirt and belt, HUE leggings, Old Navy blue necklace, thrifted skirt (H&M)

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