Tuesday, February 21

Heart Attack

 I don't know why the world is against me today but these pictures were edited on my laptop, which apparently looks completely different then my computer, making them all green which I then had to correct for making them look all red...so forgive the crazy coloring just this once.

Another thing about these pics is that they were taken with a DSLR! My first DSLR! My father sold me his Sony in preparation to buy a brand new one. I'm super excited to start using a more powerful camera, and it's a plus that I can help my Dad afford his dream camera!

I made the mistake of shopping for Valentines presents the day before Valentines day and when I saw this shirt I had to buy it for myself! I had hearts on the brain! I don't regret it though, it fits great, is comfy, and will be a great layering piece. I've already worn it several times! Speaking of Valentines day, the necklace I'm wearing in these photos was a V-day gift from Mr. Nick. He did good!
H&M shirt, boots, Marks belt, ASOS skirt, gifted necklace and tear drop ring, oval ring is LLYMLRS

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