Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day

 I put this outfit together with the Everybody Everywhere pink and red challenge in mind. It was a bit of a struggle for me to say the least. Haha. I started by pulling every pink and red item in my wardrobe out of my closet and onto my bed. Then I looked at them all and decided what would and wouldn't work. I ended up pairing my bright pink T with my red skirt and calling it a day. Perhaps not my best, but I sure felt cute and colorful! Funnily enough I completely forgot I had a pink blazer in the other closet so today, on Valentines day, I'm wearing a red dress with a pink blazer. We'll see which outfit you folks prefer. ;)

Today being the most romantic day of the year (who decided Valentines day should be during the winter??) I'm feeling a bit flustered. I've been thinking a lot about what I would be doing today, but not actually planning enough. Haha, I had these great plans that I would cook Nick a beautiful dinner and build a blanket fort and light candles and we could watch Casablanca  -- but I didn't buy any groceries, or find Casablanca since we don't own it. Nor do I have enough blankets to build a fort. Turns out I suck at being romantic. Ah well, lucky for me my man isn't too picky.

Joe Fresh T, Dorothy Perkins skirt, vintage scarf, gifted bag (Thanks Tonni!) gifted necklace, hand made (although not by me) earrings, H&M boots and socks, HUE leggings
Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

What are YOU planning for today?

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