Thursday, February 23

Closet Tour Part One

Well, yesterday I was bad and didn't post, and today I have no outfit to share, so I thought I would treat you to a little peak of something I've been working on. A closet tour! As most of you probably know I recently (three months ago now) moved out of my parents basement and into an apartment with my man Mr. Nick. Getting used to sharing a closet was a bit difficult at first -- lucky for me he is the most amazing, accommodating guy and didn't mind at all giving up a bunch of what should technically been his closet, for my burgeoning wardrobe. After a few weeks of chaos I organized our closet space and since them we've actually managed to keep it up! Here's how I did it.
Now you may notice that half the closet, the upper closet, and the second rail in the bottom half of the closet ... are all my clothes and shoes. See what I mean about being incredibly accommodating? The two under bed drawers we have (which are actually just drawers pulled off an old dresser) are also my out of season clothes. Not only that... but I have a garment rack in the laundry room which holds all my dresses, and two of the four dresser drawers. SO, Nick really is my hero. In turn for all this space I have a basket on top of the dresser where he can through his PJ's, because he refuses to put them in the dresser. Haha, give and take right? Well mostly take.

I keep my pants, belts, and skirts on multi-hangers on the left of the closet, and my most worn tops and tunics on the right. All my less worn tops are on the bottom rack. My less worn shoes go at the top (my other shoes being in the coat closet) and bathing suits/towels/coverups go in the beach basket.
I do plan on also showing you how I organize my tights, jewelry, and dresses which aren't here in the bedroom.

If you're interested, the grey baskets are from Home Outfitters, the glass head is Pier One, and the shoe boxes are Ikea.

Happy organizing!

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