Monday, February 13

Casual Weekend Comfort

 I wore this outfit last weekend actually, on a casual laid back Sunday afternoon. My hair was behaving which made me feel like a million dollars, and because it was so balmy warm -- I went bare legged! This is a big thing for a Canadian mid February. Big thing.

I've always loved the look of layered necklaces but I don't own enough different lengths to give it a good try -- I attempted it though and it wasn't a complete flop. It certainly added a bit of interest to a very simple outfit.

I was also really excited to show you my new boots from H&M -- I was dying for a little variety and a change from my big brown boots. They're great in the winter but I hate wearing them every day! Of course, now you're going to get sick of these little beauties. I remember seeing them a couple shopping trips ago, didn't buy them, kept thinking about them and how they're the exact style I  was looking for, went back, they were on sale for ten dollars and the only pair left was in my size! Fate.

H&M top and boots, Joe Fresh skirt, Smart Set sweater, HUE socks, vintage and gifted necklaces,

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