Tuesday, February 7

By Your Spots

 I tried a new way of planning my outfit -- I picked everything out the night before, including accessories, and laid them out all neatly on my bed. This made it way easier for me to accessorize-- something I'm not super talented at, by seeing everything together. Colors, patterns -- it's so much easier to tell what will work when it's there, right in front of you.

Haha, you might notice I have two band-aids on my right hand. Every time I bake I cut myself. It's like a law. One of them was from the cheese grater, and the other a chance encounter with a knife standing straight up in the cutlery trey in the dishwasher. Speaking of dishwashers, we are currently unable to use ours. Or our sink for that matter. Lets just say I nearly had a heart attack when our faucet blew a leak and started spraying all over the ceiling. Let's hope the landlord decides to return our calls today!

In other news, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mr. Nick was working, and while under the weather the poor man. Friday, however, we managed to make it to his friends birthday party -- which was great.

Smart Set vest not pictured!

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