Friday, February 3

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This week there have been tons of adorable projects, posts, and perspectives popping out of the woodwork -- many of them meant to be in time for Valentines day! I've got some inspiring words, decor and recipes for you!
 1. To make for the man (you know, the one who doesn't drink coffee or tea but instead lives on hot chocolate?) Elsie from A Beautiful Mess just posted these adorable Red Velvet Hot Chocolate recipes. Really simple, just food coloring, milk and chocolate! I know Nick would appreciate these.

 2. At A Cup of Joe Joanna posted this video "Shit Liz Lemon Says" and it makes me laugh and laugh. If you're not familiar with the "Shit People Say" meme -- youtube it. My favorite are Liz Lemon, White Girls to Black Girls, Fashion Girls, and Shit Nobody Says. Amazing.

 3. I am drooling over this recipe from "How Sweet it is" for BBQ chicken stuffed sweet potatoes... mmmmmm.
4. I am sooo going to try this tutorial from Design Love Fest for a painted candlestick.  I love that they turned it into a planter. It makes me want to go out now and find a succulent or air plant. Like... right now.
5. Lastly, I am a huge fan of the blog A is For Ampersand, and Amy just started "Self Love Month" for February! It's a fantastic idea and everyday she's been posting really insightful, beautiful reminders of how to keep yourself from falling into the trap of body snarking or bashing, she's such an inspiration! Definitely head over to her blog and check out her self love movement! You won't regret it. ;)

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