Monday, January 23

A Turn in the Weather

 I was finally able to take some pics outside -- the weather decided to behave -- which is amazing since the zipper on my trusty parka broke and I was without a deep freeze appropriate jacket. My approach to dressing for minus 30-35 Celsius? No jeans. I just don't do it. Denim tends to freeze very quickly and provides very little warmth. In high school I wore jeans practically everyday and when I discovered how much warmer it is to layer leggings I never looked back. I usually wear at least two pairs of leggings and often also layer knitted legwarmers over top (you can barely make them out in these photos because of the light).

Of course I also subscribe to the opinion that leggings aren't real pants so I start my outfit with my long top or dress, and then layer a sweater or long sleeve top over that, and another cardigan or sweater over that! It's a process! In this case I have a short sleeve dress with a sweater vest over top, and a knitted cardigan over that. The great thing about layering is that I'm warm enough for the walk from the apartment to the train, and the train to the bus, and the bus to work -- but I can take off a layer if I'm overheating on the train, or bus, or in my office. Which believe me -- is a problem. Sometimes I'm worried I'm experiencing hot flashes...

ASOS Villa Moda lace dress, Smart Set black pullover, Urban Outfitters knitted cardigan and purse, Old Navy scarf, gifted ring, vintage earrings, HUE leggings and Shoe Warehouse boots
 These pics are from Friday-- I'm standing outside Boston Pizza where the man and I went for dinner. I insisted on grabbing a pic when we sat down and he was apparently feeling very silly.
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! It went wayy to quickly for my liking. Mr. Nick worked late both Saturday and Sunday but we got to spend the day together before he had to take off! We watched Road to El'dorado (hadn't seen that one in a looong time) and The Illusionist on Netflix along with our usual dose of The X-Files. We ate waffles and homemade poptarts, and Nick made a waffle sandwich while I munched on edamame. Then he went to work and I pouted. Swept. Mopped. Pouted. Then did dishes. Then pouted. Then went to sleep knowing that the sooner I shut my eyes the sooner I would be waking up with him beside me. I like that part.

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