Monday, January 9

Short Stuff

 So here it is! Before this salon experience I hadn't had my hair cut in a year, and I hadn't changed the length or style in about 5 years! I was really ready for a change and digging the short curly styles I was seeing (hello River Song, anyone else in love with Alex Kingston's hair?). Anyway, I had a friend suggest the salon Allora which happened to be really close to my work. I gave it a try (my stylist's name is Allison if any of you fellow Edmonton based curlies are thinking of going) and couldn't have had a better experience! The only thing I wasn't happy with was my bangs. I wanted more bang! I think my stylist was a little wary of this idea (curly bangs are apparently a rare thing...) so she gave me a sorta half bang. Since then I've trimmed them a few times, going a little shorter with each trim just in case I go too short in my excitement.

Anyway, other then my new hair I'm also loving the real wreath that Nick's grandparents made us and sent all the way from the Maritimes! Not to mention the new Romwe sweater I'm wearing in this picture, and the handmade scarf I purchased from DianasTreasures on Etsy.

Hand made scarf from Etsy, Romwe sweater, HUE jeggings from the Bay

I'm hoping everyone had a lovely weekend -- Nick and I did! We had a few fail moments, purchasing a pair of too short bar stools (but the sale price was amazing! GRR!) and an over the door hook that didn't fit over our door. However we also got a lot of organizing in the apartment done, acquired an amazing floor lamp made out of my fathers old photography equipment, and had a romantic walk to a noodle place nearby for dinner on Saturday. It was a good overall weekend!

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