Wednesday, January 25

A Mustard Moment

I wore this outfit last week (hint: I did something to my hair over the weekend...) It was still freezing cold back then so here's a good example of my legwarmers with tights with skirt with sweater sorta beat the cold ensemble. When I was out and about believe you me those legwarmers were pulled up and doing their job. Luckily this skirt is made of really heavy material and does a pretty good job of keeping my legs warm.
Those of you who have been to our apartment will remember Sammy the Seasonal Seal. He was a goodwill find for just a couple dollars and for some reason a seal wearing a Santa hat was irresistible to us. This is not something I can explain. He sure does make a good pillow/cuddle buddy though.
ASOS skirt, H&M leggings, Express booties, gifted Pashmina and necklace, Urban Planet leg warmers and sweater,  Smart Set cuff      

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