Monday, January 16

A Lazy Weekend

Sunday marked the first snow of 2012. And the first dip below 20 degrees. Brr. Of course, this is Canada so I can't say I wasn't expecting it.
I keep what little coffee I have stored in a mason jar in the freezer. My mum told me storing your ground coffee in the freezer keeps it fresh. And mum's the word. Right?
For Christmas I got Nick and I a matching set of monogrammed mugs from Anthropology.
Mum made me this lovely deer pattern blanket for Christmas -- it's sooo cozy.
After breakfast I spent a few hours watching television and lounging around in my Pj's. I can only wear pajamas for so long however, before I feel a little too lazy and change into my ubiquitous lounge wear -- the yoga pant. 
After laying around for most of the day waiting for my man to come home from work and keep me company, I did some organizing and moved all my dresses out of the bedroom closet and into the laundry room where I have a garment rack. I've also got my tights, and decorative scarves in there. I'm planning a closet tour soon!
Now being a great deal more organized, it was time to clean the bedroom. Nick and I both retain some poor habits in regards to throwing our dirty clothes on the floor. After awhile it became such a mess I couldn't even look at it without feeling overwhelmed. All I could think was how many loads of laundry I was going to have to do to clean it. Well, in good spirits, (and bored) I finally tackled the mess and did four loads of laundry in one day. Now I promise I'll keep on top of those dirty clothes...

Speaking of laundry, here's our jumbled mismatched towel collection. One day I will purchase a full set of matching towels. Not very high on the priority list unfortunately.
Since I had done so much organizing, cleaning, and laundering, I decided I had earned a TV break.
Thankfully, the Top Chef Texas premier was on. (PS. I bought a new banner for Christmas for over the TV. I love it dearly.)
When TV began to tire me I broke out Dragon Age and tried to get passed the spot where I was stuck.. it's my first time playing through the dragon age series (been meaning to for ages!). Damn werewolves and shadow wolves have me stuck again.
After that Nick returned to me, and we went to his parents house for dinner. His dad is entering a lasagna bake off in a few weeks so he was trying out his lasagna recipe. I don't mind him experimenting on us though -- it was delicious. :)

How was your weekend? I bet it was more exciting (although I felt pretty productive...) then mine!

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