Thursday, January 5


Another outfit pic taken in my barren entryway. I think it's about time I give this little spot some love. I'm thinking a large neutral door mat, some hooks for my purses, a little mail sorter, and a picture would make it more homey. It's an important place, being that it's a visitors first impression. I want my entryway to say welcome! Come on in! (Unless you're here to rob me. Then stay out). Anyway, I love wearing my sheer polka dot blouse. It goes with everything. And a vest, well, a vest makes everything look sophisticated don't you think? Haha.

I have a fantastic DIY to share with you tomorrow! This year I made my own stockings for Nick and I, and I have pictures and a step by step to share! I know it's a little late for Christmas... but if you get on it now there will be less stress next year. ;)

H&M blouse, Smart Set vest, HUE jeggings, Shoe Warehouse boots

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