Monday, January 2

Happy New Year!

Dear 2011:

You were a year filled with ups and downs, but I will remember you fondly as the year that brought Nick and I closer together, and offered me both independence and joy.

2011, you were the year I turned 22. The year I experienced my first car accident, an experience I would rather not repeat ever again. The year that Nick and I spent our 2 year anniversary on the sofa recovering from said accident. You were the year that I made many new friends, and decided to put myself out there by starting a blog. The year that I decided to develop my own style, and my own passions. You were the year that Nick and I agreed we want to marry each other -- a conversation we have often and that excites me every time. We moved in together, leaving our parents homes for the first time, and we grew up a little... or a lot. We learned to pay bills, chose a cable company (don't laugh, it was a big decision!) and put up our first Christmas tree.You were the year that I learned to sew! Breaking out my sewing machine at long last. The year that I was addicted to nasal spray and Skyrim. The year that we bought a sofa! The year that I learned to clean up after I cook. You were the year that I found inspiration and joy, the year that I shed very few tears. You were the year I finally cut my hair, found Netflix, and the year I finally became addicted to Dr. Who.

Thanks 2011, you treated me pretty well all in all, and there are some things about you I will never forget.

- Kaitlyn

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