Friday, January 6

Hand Made Christmas Stockings

 This year I ventured out to Goodwill and plucked up a couple of sweaters in similar colors to sew stockings out of! I don't know if it really saved me much money but it was about $12 in supplies for both stockings. The finished project is really special for us, and makes our apartment feel really festive and so much more our own. Super easy project, so if you're short a stocking for next year you may consider bookmarking this page, or getting a head start now!
 And there you have it. Nick and I think it's very special to have some Christmas pieces unique to us -- and I must admit I'm pretty proud of these. I love finishing a project, it's one of the best feelings in the world. This year I'm definitely going to try and create more. Paintings, meals, clothes, furniture -- I want to do it all!

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