Wednesday, January 4

A Christmas-y Outfit

 We're going back in time! (Cue music) To when I still had long hair! Haha, I know you're probably more interested in seeing my new hair but I'm gonna save the reveal for a bit later. ;) Now that I see these pictures I can't help noticing that it was reeallly long. Funnily enough, having not cut my hair for over a year, I had my first comment asking me about how I kept my hair so long a day after I cut it. The universe is a funny place. Gotta tell you though, I love being able to wear earrings and you know, see them.

I wore this outfit in early December and as I put on my deer print dress I thought, what better time then Christmas time to wear a dear print! And thus I paired it with red and green. The perfect holiday combo.

It feels good to be back posting outfits! I'm having such a hard time figuring out where to take photos in the apartment, all of the ones from December are by our front door. Boring. Any suggestions? Where would you take pretty pictures in your home? (Or do I just need to brave the outdoors...)
Deer print dress, cardigan, leggings and belt all H&M. Boots Shoe Warehouse.

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