Tuesday, January 17

For the Canadian Cold

 I wore this outfit last week before the cold snap really hit us -- it was averaging minus 4-10 back then and now it's minus 30! Winter this year sure has a flair for the dramatics. Expect to see this sweater very often in the coming weeks. I purchased it on sale at Superstore and it's the warmest piece of clothing I own. Honest! I'm going to wear it every day until it's warm again.

Speaking of the apartment -- and the cold -- our thermostat leaves a lot to be desired. We're trying to figure out how to use it because it's suddenly 19 degrees all the time. (Which is feeling quite chilly). Nick and I huddle under blankets in the living room, and it's soo harrd to roll out of bed in the morning. Ah well, gives us more excuses for cuddling! Not that we needed any. ;)

Joe Fresh sweater, thrifted skirt, gifted necklace, HUE tights, She Warehouse boots, Smart Set bracelet
Tried to take photos in the kitchen because it's got the most light in the apartment, not because I'm a domestic goddess. Just to be clear.

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