Tuesday, January 31

Florals and Stripes

 Look at me still trying to find the best place in the Apartment for pictures. Haha, trial and error. I would say the bedroom works out pretty well -- although I run the risk of looking a little too boudoir. I need to invest in a crap tun of lamps let me tell you, there's not a bright spot in the whole apartment where pictures can be taken without flash.

I wore this outfit on Sunday -- it was a lazy day completed by dinner with Nicks family and my casual and comfy outfit worked out very well. Plus there's the fact my hair was behaving. Behaving hair is a thing of beauty. Nicks Dad kept telling me that my shirt was on backwards because it has buttons down the back. He thinks he's a very funny guy. ;p

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is February! I've been given the task of planning valentines day this year for the first time and I'm still working out what we're going to do! Nick gave me a $120 budget and I'm thinking I would rather go to IKEA and spend it there. Haha, wouldn't that be a surprise. "We're going for a romantic dinner of Swedish meatballs!" "Yay... wait..."

Romwe sweater, H&M skirt, HUE leggings, Smart Set scarf, gifted necklace

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