Thursday, January 26

Ferocious Foxes

 Look! I'm outside! I hate hate hate being cold but it's been gloriously mild lately so I got home early enough to catch a little sunlight and had Nick take these pics for me on our balcony. Not exactly the most gorgeous of locals ... but I'm outside! That's something right?

Also... I may have continued to chop bangs into my hair... slowly but surely they are being formed into the bangs of my dreams. They're a little too piecey and sparse here but I have since fixed that.

Can we stop for a moment and discuss how amazing my fox scarf is? For a long time I had been eying up fox scarves on Etsy (ever since I saw one on the Anthropology website). Those buggers are expensive. Yes, they're handmade and adorable and very detailed... but too expensive for little old me. SO you can imagine my delight when I saw this slightly cheepy version at Urban Outfitters. I bought him as a Christmas present to myself and promptly lost him for a few weeks amidst the flurry of holiday activities. Luckily, I remembered him when I put on this little fox jumper. What better to go with foxes then more foxes, right?


I admit that I garnered a few stares during my daily commute and a small child definitely pointed at me. I think he wanted to play with my fox... haha. But I got a lot of compliments too, so I'm thoroughly happy with my choice of faux taxidermy accessories!
Costa Blanca leggings, Shoe Warehouse boots, Smart Set skirt and cuff, Urban Outfitters fox scarf and jumper

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