Friday, January 13

An Experiment in Pattern Mixing

 This outfit was so fun to wear! When I was getting dressed I started with the two piece dress and from there I thought, yes, this scarf will work, and these tights will do fine, and these earrings match my tights... haha, each layer just felt right! Of course I wore my staple brown boots with the outfit. I need to get my hands on another pair of boots, I feel like I'm backed into a footware corner by the weather.

My judgmental sister was all like "why is your belt over top of your scarf?" but I assured her it was a fashion choice and not some accidental belting incident. She was not convinced. (I love how it looks though... like a lot). I think it makes a choice of scarf more deliberate looking for one, it shows of my belt, and it also helps define my waist even when my scarf is huge and bulky. Speaking of scarves, this one was a Christmas present from Nicks parents! How pretty is it? I love the color, and the fact that it has metallic threads in it. I'm all about metallic accents right now.

H&M dress, HUE tights, gifted scarf, Smart Set earrings

In other news, Nick and I finally took down our Christmas tree yesterday, and I got to do a little non-Christmas decorating. I was kind of sad to see the twinkly lights go, and my stockings (my pride and joy this year). However, having space to display some of the things I've collected, and inherited from my Grandma, makes me very happy.

I feel like there's so much to do in the apartment still -- I definitely want to wall-mount the TV and do a simple DIY to take care of all the cords and cables before I show it off in a home tour. Hopefully we can do those things soon.

Have a wonderful weekend my darlings!

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