Wednesday, January 11

Christmas is Red

 This is the outfit I wore on one of our many Christmas celebrations. Nick and I celebrated with his family, my family, my extended family, and then the other half of my extended family. He's both lucky and unlucky that all of his extended family still resides in the Maritimes where he's from.

I love wearing red during the Christmas holidays -- it just seems right. You know? Sometimes I even get cheeky and wear my green H&M belt with a red patterned dress or sweater. Why not? Fashion is about having fun, and sometimes having fun means being seasonal or quirky. I try not to be afraid of looking silly if it makes me feel good! Of course I don't think there's anything silly about this particular outfit. I do love my new furry collar. ;)
H&M leggings, Urban Outfitters Renewal dress, Dynamite faux fur capulet, Joe Fresh belt, Shoe Warehouse boots

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