Monday, January 30

Black, Red and Gold

 This black top from H&M is my newest purchase -- it was on clearance and it has a trendy hi-low hemline I thought might be fun to try. I tucked the front into my bright red midi skirt and let the back hang out all party like. It felt pretty dynamic for a girl who wears a lot of floral dresses. ;) I was really wishing I could wear it with my pennant necklace but I can't for the life of me find it! I'm thinking it might be in a forgotten purse somewhere...

I tried taking pictures in the hall outside our apartment -- it seems so well lit until you try and take a photo. I guess it wasn't designed with photo taking in mind because they all turned out really dark. Ah well, I'll keep trying different places until I find one that works. Experimentation! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, Nick and I didn't do much except attend a birthday party Saturday night. Other then that -- I did laundry, swept and mopped (well... wet jetted), did some Wii fit, played some Dragon Age, ate a lot of guacamole, and watched some X-files. Why does the weekend seem to go so quickly? Haha, what I wouldn't give to have another eight hours to watch X-files.

H&M top, HUE leggings, Dorothy Perkins Midi Skirt, ASOS necklace, Expressions boots

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