Friday, January 27

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I am sooo exited for this weekend. I absolutely do love my job, but we've had some early meetings and conferences this week and boy am I excited to hit that snooze button tomorrow. (Figuratively speaking.)

Plus, after the man worked all weekend last week, I am more then a little happy to have him all to myself. Think there's any chance he'll take me to Ikea? (Hint: he's been promising for about two months now...) Ok, probably not. Luckily I'm content to spend the day playing with our new blender.

My excitement might seem odd, but we bucked out on the fancy professional Ninja blender (you might have seen him on TV. Yes, our blender is famous). It was on sale at Canadian Tire and I kept asking Nick if we could buy it and he would say yes, but then when we had spare time to run to the store he would put it off so I figured he didn't really want it after all. Imagine my surprise when he came home Wednesday night with two big bags -- he had swung by the store and not only picked up the Ninja blender but also the Ninja mini food processor! Haha, he's usually not one for spending money (on anything other then computer games) so I was a bit shocked. It was... oddly... very romantic.

Anyway, we'll probably make a lot of smoothies this weekend and more then a little shaved ice so I'm looking forward to brain freezes while watching X-files (we're on season three now!) on the sofa with my guy.

Now this post is supposed to be filling you in on all the cool things happening around the web this week so, I digress.

1. This week I discovered a new blog!
The Capricious Club is a really lovely style blog by 'Bestie'. She has fantastic, evolving style and she's celebrating her blogs 4th anniversary (and a move to her own domain) right now!  

2. I also found an amazing recipe for red wine lollipops! When I went to Europe with my bestie a couple years ago I tried red wine for the first time and didn't have a taste for it yet. Since then I've become a big fan -- and this looks delicious!

3. Speaking of delicious things, you guys may recall I've talked about trying different 'mug cake' recipes before. They're a tiny  one serving cake you make in the microwave in a mug and I've made about four different kinds in the past. Nick and I love being able to whip up a cake in under five minutes when we get a chocolate craving. This week I discovered the absolute best (so far) mug cake recipe! And the best part -- they suggest turning it out onto a plate, making it look all company ready and fancy! Haha, brilliant! I had never considered that before.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

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