Friday, January 20

Around the Web (5)

I haven't done an Around the Web post in awhile and it's a darn shame, there are so many gorgeous, wonderful things in my blogroll! SO, I'm going to quickly share a few of my favorites with you.

The Wedding Chicks
1. A beautiful Anthropology wedding shared on Wedding Chicks -- those flowers are all fabric!

Design Sponge

2. An amazing office makeover shared on Design Sponge. I am longing for a bright, creative space like this!
D is for Dangerous

3. A gorgeous hair tutorial on D is for Dangerous. She fitted that sweet little headband around the plait and made it amazing. I wish my hair would do this!

Just Things

4. And lastly, a sweet little tutorial on how to make these adorable moccasins. She purchased a kit from Micheals of all places! I would love love to do the same -- maybe use a chevron fabric for the detail!

Annnd of course I don't own any of these images -- the belong to the bloggers specified. Click on the captions to go to the full posts.

In offline news: Planning a low key weekend staying in, I'm gonna beg and beg to go to Ikea though. Trying to decide if we can afford a trip to Mexico in May -- it would be nice, but expensive, and we don't have anything saved yet. Also, I'm hoping to get a little sewing in! Hopefully I can regale you with a new sewing triumph in the near future.

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