Wednesday, January 18

1, 2, 3

Today I'm pleased to introduce a new feature for the blog!

I've been compiling 'remix' outfits since I started outfit posts, squirreling  away pictures until I deemed I had enough remixes compiled to start posting them!

I was inspired for this series by the bloggers "The Clothes Horse", "Delightful Dozen" and "Scathingly Brilliant" who have similar features on their blogs where they share items in their closets that have been remixed into multiple outfits!

I wanted to do something similar here because I think it's really interesting to see the versatility of clothing, and I love seeing all the outfits side by side and judging which was the best styling and which days I was obviously in a sleepy haze as I got dressed. It's a learning, growing tool that I'm excited to employ on my blog! And hopefully I can inspire you guys just a tiny bit to style your clothes differently every time. :)

Here we go, remix one:

I found this skirt on a lucky shopping trip with my mum. We very occasionally hit up Goodwill and Value Village together and I believe it was she that plucked this whimsical skirt off the rack for me. It's super colorful, comfy, and very remix-able!

The first outfit I wore here, just shortly after starting the blog. I think it's my favorite version of the outfit, colorful and work appropriate. I have to tell you, I haven't worn black tights since I discovered the glory of their colorful cousins-- but they work really well to temper this outfit. The second outfit I wore here -- it's maybe a bit too floral with the shoe combination. Haha, live and learn right? And the last outfit I just wore last week. It's funny how a short, airy skirt can work through all seasons isn't it?

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