Tuesday, December 6

Our First Tree: Details

So last week Nick and I put up our first tree. And it made us both very glad. I wanted to share some of our special ornaments with you, and a few other details from our first Christmas decorations.
 I'll begin with our newest, and our oldest ornament. I bought the scrabble tile ornament for Nick this year as an early present, when I saw it online I knew I had to have it for him! The second ornament was given to me by my parents on my first Christmas, twenty one years later it's hanging on my tree!

 These two special ornaments were both gifts from my Auntie Tonni, who is really my Godmother! I have many ornaments from her, these are just a couple!
 The snowflake I colored this year at the festival of trees (more on that to come this week)! And the last ornament I'm going to highlight here is a very special photobooth picture of my parents together. There's nothing more special then being reminded of your family at Christmas time. It feels amazing to have them close even when they are no longer a hallway away!

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