Thursday, December 15

Hair Care

Going for a haircut on Saturday -- I'm a little nervous.

I've been very naughty and must confess that it's been almost an entire year since my last haircut. The only reason I'm going now is that my split ends are becoming unbearable -- and I'm in the mood for some change.

Why am I nervous then? Because I have yet to encounter a stylist who knows what to do with my hair. I ask them, are you good at cutting curly hair? And they say, "why of course, of course, absolutely" and then I leave the salon confidently and a week later a friend says to me "you have a hole in the back of your head. Did someone use a razor on your hair?" Why yes. Yes someone did. This is a true story.

One time my stylist insisted on straightening my hair before she would cut it. Hello, I do not have straight hair, it is going to behave and look completely different if you straighten it then if I wear it curly. You are made of fail.

Anyway, I got a recommendation for this salon so I'm trying it out on Saturday and I have my fingers crossed that this lady knows what she's doing with curly hair.

I want to go much shorter, more shoulder length. And I want bangs! Not a fringe mind you, but piece-y, curly bangs. These are the pictures I'm going to take:

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