Friday, December 2

December is Here

 Well here it is, December finally came and I admit I'm a little happy to see it. Of course it brings with it driving winds, deep snows, empty wallets, frizzy curls, chapped lips, biting cold, and wet socks -- but it also brings twinkly lights, multiple batches of cookies, presents wrapped with love, sequins, mashed potatoes, sparkles, crafts, bonding time with family, special memories, Daddy's birthday, cozy sweaters, crackling warm fires, extra cuddles, beautiful pies, and lots and lots of love.

December is already ushering in the memory making -- Nick and I put up our first tree last night. It's a little more sparse then I'm used to -- but it's perfectly ours. Somehow it represents the two of us coming together in this little place we now call home and making it our own. Filling it with our love.

We put up the tree, the lights on the balcony, and the wreath, then I made brownies and we had Nicks parents over for a little after dinner treat (and I admit, I wanted to show off my tree to someone!). It was the perfect perfect day, and this weekend is going to carry on that feeling of inner warmth. Tomorrow we're heading to the festival of trees -- an event I haven't attended for a few years, but went to every year as a child. Then we'll pick up some groceries and I'll start sewing our tree skirt and stockings.

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