Wednesday, December 14

22 Before 23

Elsie, from A Beautiful Mess, inspired me to write this list after posting about her own. It seemed like an awfully good idea for a girl who doesn't make resolutions but wants to do a lot of things this year. One of the nice things about having a blog post about my list is the accountability -- that's your job BTW. 
 My list goes as follows:
1. Get engaged (priority - high)
2. learn to sew (in fairness I've already begun this, but I've got a long way's to go)
3. Sew a dress
4. Make a Polaroid album (this would imply using the roll of Polaroid film I bought ages ago) 
5. Set up a sewing/painting nook at home.
6. Start painting again  (I used to do it a lot, see?)
7. Make the apartment feel like home.
8. Create a perfectly organized home, one room at a time.
9. Adopt a kitten!
10. Show Nick that I love him in different ways
11. complete Mass Effect 2 on INSANITY (nerd alert) 
12. Develop the blog and work on increasing traffic
13. buy a new laptop!

14. Buy/acquire a better camera
15. Take more life related pictures and videos
16. Finish/make progress on novel (I am writing one of those believe it or not. And I have been for four years now...)
17. Start writing a screenplay
18. learn/try many fun and delicious recipes
19. develop personal style and buy more quality pieces that are 'me'
20. Refresh my grammar... on purpose
21. Create special DIY pieces for our home
22. Do a love photo shoot with Nick

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