Monday, November 14

Warmed by the Sun (and by your hand in my hand)

I love this time of day to take pictures, sunset. When the light makes me look warm instead of blown out, and every color looks deeper and richer. Trouble is, of course, predicting when the sun will hit that perfect level in the sky. We got lucky this day, I couldn't love these pictures more. 

On another note, you probably recall that this past weekend was move-in weekend! Amazingly (perhaps only amazing to me) it only took about three or four hours, one van trip to each house, to bring over all of our boxes and furniture. We had a couple of friends who showed up to help so a big thank you to my Mum and Dad, Kurtis, Aaron, Dallas and Nick R for carrying all those heavy and awkward items up the stairs and down the long hall to our door! We really appreciate it, it made it a lot easier on Nick. (And, by proxy, me. ;) Also thank you to my parents and Bonnie for bringing us some much needed food! Haha, we got eggs, waffles, pasta and much more. All the essentials to feed us for our first couple of days. 

In the days since the move Nick and I have woken up to Edmonton's first snow, unpacked all of our DVD's and video games (priorities are so important) and spent a whack load of money. My first priority was getting the bathrooms set up so we dropped a tun of cash on a shower curtain rod, hooks and a liner, a tub-mat, towels, soap dish, etc. I would show pics but before I could take any our shower curtain rod broke. LOL. That's the end of my relationship with Walmart. We bought a spice rack, tuns of bake-wear like a potato peeler, spoons, etc. We also made one ill-fated journey to Ikea in search of a few things like a floor lamp and some bar stools. We emerged with a sheepskin, dustpan, picture hanging and cord organizing kits, and DVD shelves for the PS3 games in the man cave. We did pick out the floor lamp we want. We just couldn't decide in our limited time whether we wanted two...

Anyway, that was my weekend in a nut shell. We really had a lot of fun and I will surely share more in the next couple of weeks, in fact, I have a before and after post to share later today so stay tuned!

Forever 21 maxi skirt, Expressions boots via The Bay, Smart set tank top and cardigan, Urban Outfitters bag

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