Tuesday, November 8

Sounds Like Living

 I wore this outfit two weeks ago when I went to see the apartment that we will soon be calling ours! The real estate agent took us up the stairs (it's only one flight she said) and I remember feeling reluctance -- this skirt has zero stretch and I look hilarious going up and down stairs. Almost as funny as when I'm climbing into and worse, out of, the car! What we do for fashion!

Everything is falling into place for the move, I've boxed up my television, most of my wardrobe, and am pulling things out of the storage rooms. It's almost endless, like a magician pulling bunnies out of a hat except that the bunnies are dish sets and the hat is my basement. Who would have thought that over the course of the last six or so years I've collected five different dish sets in preparation for this day? I should really be doing a dish set giveaway on the blog, haha, there's no way I need that many.

Nick and I are buckling down and sanding, priming, and painting our collection of mismatched furniture. Also -- I'll be sharing some sewing projects with you later today!

Blouse and skirt from H&M, Sock are HUE, boots from Shoe Warehouse, cardigan from Mark's. The necklace is from Smitten and Hazel on Etsy
I wore this necklace probably a week straight -- but this is the only day we took pictures. I've been wanting one like this for months and months and months but they all seemed to be too expensive for me -- this one was reasonably priced and I love the gold! :)

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