Wednesday, November 9

Something About a Bow

There's something special about wearing a big bow in your hair. People treat you a little differently -- nicer. It's like when I worked in retail a few years ago, I noticed that costumers treated me better when I wore my hair in braids or pigtails! Haha, I guess perceived innocence goes a long way. So there's a trick for you, when your company implements a new computer system, when you're starting a new job, or when you're just not having a good day -- look adorable. People will be nicer to you.

Looking back at these pictures from just a week ago it's strange to think that it was warm enough for me not to be wearing a jacket. It's definitely progressing into jacket wearing territory now.

Last night Mr. Nick and I worked hard getting some furniture primed. Tonight we will hopefully do a first coat of paint. Friday is coming upon us pretty quickly and I for one would like to have somewhere to sit and put my things in our new apartment. 

American Eagle jeans, Expressions wedge boots, H&M shirt and scarf, Smart Set sweater, Dorothy Perkins necklace

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