Tuesday, November 8


I'm a bit further along at this point then I was when these photos were taken last week, and my a bit I mean almost done one whole chair! Unfortunately... I have two. So, one chair to go! I should be honest and tell you my mummy has done most of the work, since I've never slip-covered or upholstered anything before and she's done it several times (A real pro she is).

Take a good look at the before pic of the pink chair -- it's all lovely and cream now. I'll try to put up a pic of the original tufted back on the other chair, because it looks much more modern with the cushion back we made for it!

I paid $8 for two of these chairs about a year ago. I got them from the re-store here in Edmonton. They have all kinds of used chairs, cabinets, rugs, lamps, etc. I thought I was getting a real steal until I got the bill for the fabric and notions. Altogether they've cost me about $308, but they're going to be beautiful!

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