Tuesday, November 1

October 2011 Recap

This month:
  • I got to see my bestie Amy while she visited from her new home in Ontario for a few weeks. While she was here she took some of my outfit photos and even did a few photoshoots with me
  • Amy and I took in a friends wedding, and we all helped move Mr. Nicks family to a new home.
  • I shared a little about how I've decorated my cubicle at work. 
  •  I added a few boards to my pinterest, including a board for our new apartment (more on that below).
  • We drank a lot of wine over Thanksgiving weekend, attending a wine bar night with my cousin and getting to see her apartment. We also ate a lot of delicious food! 
  • I sewed a tote bag! Yay for making slow progress through my sewing e-course DIY Dress Up!
  • Mr. Nick bought me gorgeous flowers that lasted almost all month! In return, I made him some delicious comfort food. ;)
  • We bought, and carved a Halloween pumpkin! It's a wonderful tradition. We're not particularly skilled, but we have a lot of fun!
  • Probably best of all, Mr. Nick and I found ourselves an apartment in a prime location, and our application was accepted! In November we'll be moving in together, and out of our parents basements. We couldn't be more excited!
  • In conjunction with that, I started packing up my bedroom -- an endeavor I'm finding quite rewarding. It's much easier to sort through items and get rid of things when you know you're not going to have any place to put them soon!
  • I added these great blogs to my blogroll: Oh So Lovely Vintage, Dear Friend, and A is For Ambersand
  • Also, I've been following a particular blog for a while and they've been in the process of adopting a sweet little girl from Africa, and this month, the adoption went through! I'm so excited for them! :)

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